Jason Jenkins

As a business owner, insurance and taxes are both necessary evils. When it comes to insurance, I have to admit that I do not know as much as I probably should know considering the benefits. When I needed to purchase insurance or increase our policies, I reached out to Chantal and began the process of deciding what insurance needs I would actually need. She was very patient, understanding, and informative to all of our insurance needs. She never once tried pushing me to purchase more insurance than I needed. I can definitely say that no matter if there was a cost savings elsewhere, I will stick with Chantal and the team at Orr & Associates based solely on Chantal's ethics and attention to detail. If I could steal Chantal away and have her work for my company I would! She is that quality of a worker. Sorry Orr & Associates!!!


CA Insurance Lic. 0F97077
Rees & Rees Insurance Services Lic. 0L04658

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