Mike April

Chantal is simply the best! She has helped me on a multiple occasions and has delivered excellent service each and every time. When there is an issue with the carrier or underwriter not delivering what they said they were going to deliver, Chantal goes into beast mode and makes sure they honor their original commitment. That's exactly what happened with one of our policies that was put in place recently. On top of the carrier and underwriter wanting additional information/documentation that clearly stated was not needed in the quote, they wanted to charge additional fees. Thankfully Chantal wasn't having it and held them accountable! She got the fees waived and the additional documents request waived. She did all this under a very small time frame that probably shouldn't have been met, but she got it done! Couldn't be happier with her service and I would recommend her to anyone!


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Rees & Rees Insurance Services Lic. 0L04658

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