Vanessa Sisemore

I'm After working in the insurance industry over 10 years along side countless agents, I can say will full confidence that Chantal Rees' comprehensive product knowledge, among the majority of reputable carriers, is incredibly vast. She has this amazing ability to ask very inquisitive questions to best understand business owners' unique situation, identify their unique risks and how to best fit for the business into the correct policy for them, is an incredible thing to witness. We recently had a client we worked with, where their company didn't necessary "fit in the box," and with commercial insurance, there are certain categories that carriers have, and sometimes it requires a creatively knowledgeable mind to fit a business into the proper policy by asking the right questions and doing her due-diligence when that business may not fit in the "box." By doing her due-diligence upfront, she mediates potential issues down the line. Chantal has a fantastic ability to see the whole picture, and properly place the best possible comprehensive policy to fit their needs as much as possible. I can say honestly, that there aren't many brokers who has such a vast knowledge across so many carriers, who will also take the time to properly understand the needs of the client, and educate them along the way.


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